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 Sperrys Could Make a Great Google Outpost - Port Huron, Michigan

Wouldn't this look good in Port Huron, Michigan

I commented on a Google+ plus post, put on by Robert Scoble, about a post by Dan Gilmer.  Both are Geek blog writers, that I do follow on Google+ and Twitter. Now this post gets on the band wagon to donate to Somalia, which has been devastated. I made some comments that may have been contrived as callous. I did not say we shouldn’t donate, as I am all for helping. the people need water and food. I am not sure if the money being donated goes to who needs it, and I would donate only to the United Nations relief agencies.

I made the comment why can’t we as a nation (United States) help each other. If we had the enthusiasm the posters on Google+ have toward Somalia donate and HELP our own citizens, that would help a tremendous amount. Then I think we would see the media and the Government help. Rather today they want to bicker right up to the last minute to make things right. Well they got it wrong last week, they waited too long, and now we are on the steps to becoming a second class country.

What I propose is that local areas like St. Clair County, help St. Clair County. Michigan should help Michigan and the United States should help the United States. I also said that Greek citizens should help their fellow Greeks and Irishmen help their Irish people.

A novel idea, in “Charity Begins at Home” or as a onetime hopeful presidential candidate said in 1968, Robert Kennedy, we are spending money around the world, but what about our own people. We have people in Appalachia that are way below the poverty line, and even dieing early deaths.

So how do you feel about this? Do you think this would work. People solving our own problems? We have the tools now, Internet, smart phones, digital cameras, and other marvelous high technological equipment, not to mention our superior minds now, thanks to our inter-connectivity on the World Wide Web.

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  1. Yuki says:

    I honestly knew about a majority of this, but that being said, I still believed it turned out practical. Very good job!

  2. Graham says:

    Superb article, wonderful website style, stick to the good work

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